Sunday, 10 October 2010

Infrared Landscapes 1

Thornton Abbey, North Lincolnshire:

I love infrared photography. The simple act of blocking all the other wavelengths of light out to create utterly surreal effects within the camera. You can do the same kind of thing on the computer but it is so easy to just slap a filter on your DSLR and have an experiment.

These are admittedly first attempts that I then cleaned up in Lightroom and edited in Paint Shop Pro X2. There is a certain fine-art effect to infrared that I just love and I'm keen to explore it more with live models and Lith Printing to then hand colour. If interested in the same please check out my latest casting call on model mayhem (

As you can see it was a pretty overcast day so I didn't get the full effect that I was after but they still came out as very dramatic pictures, so in that sense I'm happy with them.


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