Saturday, 9 October 2010

DV8 Festival, Day 3

Wow it has been a long time since I updated this. I do apologise to any of my regular browsers out there but things have been hectic (MA Dissertation + New Job etc). Anyway here is part 3 of the DV8 Report (Finally!)...

Flesh Eating Foundation:
What a fantastic shock to the Sunday malaise that had ensnared me courtesy of a rather substantial dinner at The Guy Fawkes Inn. FEF's brand of sonic dissonance was more infectious than the T-Virus and played with utter conviction.

Zeitgeist Zero:
Cor blimey what a busy bunch! I caught them on the third day in the Duchess but they had been the only band to play all three days on all three stages as different versions of themselves. It was a shame I didn't manage to see the other two incarnations of the band, but if their set was half as good as this one then I'm sure I would have enjoyed them.

I reviewed the Rhombus' album 'Open the Sky' a few months ago for, so I was really looking forward to this set. The band didn't disappoint. Their traditional blend of hard Gothic rock accented with female backing vocals, and the obligatory big hat really hit the nail on the head for what modern Gothic Rock is all about.

Pretentious, Moi?:Another solid Gothic Rock band that fed off the tried and tested formula, but in a way such as to make it their own. he band's sound was familiar yet didn't immediately bring to mind any specific sound-a-like influences - which can only be a mission accomplished. I do hope to catch this lot again at some point in the future.

Gene Loves Jezebel:
More specifically Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel. After these guys left the stage, bringing about a close to the weekend, I deffinately felt sold that these guys were the real deal. Jay had all the rockstar prowess of Mick Jagger and the energy to match it. A fantastic sing-a-long of the hit song 'Desire' sealed the deal on a fantastic performance.


I know I have been rather lax over the past two months (time flies unfortunately!) but you can expect pleanty more from me in the coming months. The next bunch of live photos will be courtesy of the next Nightbreed event 'Dark Souls' in December, and tomorrow I'll post some infrared experiments and a link to my new casting call. I will also, no doubt, be posting reviews (or summaries with a link to reviews) for Killing Joke (16/10/10), Dark Souls (11/12/10), and Swallow The Sun (19/12/10) as well as the links and bits of news that have interested me.

I've also begun to rebuild the Imago Mortis website to better reflect my style. I think you will all like it. I've included lots off hidden links and messages throughout it to make it a more interactive experience rather than just a portfolio. I will try to time it so that the main Adversaria website is complete at the same time which will house both this blog and all the various links to my articles around the website.


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