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Imago Mortis was distilled in the mind of Sean M. Palfrey in 2007, originally as a range of Occult/Gothic/Heavy Metal themed t-shirts that drew upon influences such as Medieval Danse Macabre woodcuts, Renaissance Anatomical Sketches, and Tarot cards filtering them through the styles of 1980's Gothic Rock and Heavy Metal merchandise.
"Classy Occultism" - Terrorizer Magazine, Sept 2008
Since this time Imago Mortis has incorporated both photography and design work under it's banner with commissions from a wide range of clients from fields historical re-enactment, music, consulting, modelling websites, and university societies.

Today Sean focusses on creating dark and surreal work, preferring infra-red portraiture, low-key lighting and long exposures to create experimental art that hark back to the likes of Man Ray and the pioneering years of antiquated photography.

As always Imago Mortis is available for commission for Photography, Album Artwork, Video Directing, and Web Design.

Sean is also registered on Zivity - if you are a model on Zivity or looking to join, Sean is planning a series of infra-red and surreal/occult themed editorial shoots specifically for the site.

To contact Sean you can use either the form below or imagomortis at hotmail dot co dot uk.

I'm open to collaborative works that stimulate my imagination but I will only do limited TF* work from now on in order to concentrate on my forthcoming projects.
If you would like to hire me for portfolio shoots or commercial projects my rates are available from my website. Email me for a PDF price list.

Imago Mortis Credits

Album Art:

2008: Atra Mors – 'Demo: MMVIII' Streaming only self-released 3-track demo (Cover, logo and design)
2009: Atra Mors – 'Demo: MMIX' Streaming only self-released 5-track demo (Cover, logo and design)
2010: Atra Mors – 'These Forlorn Hours' Unreleased EP (Cover and design)

2014: Intravenous Magazine – 'Blood Pack Vol. 1' Digital compilation (Cover and design)
2015: Intravenous Magazine – 'Blood Pack Vol. 2' Digital compilation (Cover and design)
2016: Intravenous Magazine – 'Blood Pack Vol. 3' Digital compilation (Cover and design) – Forthcoming.

Band Portraits:

2010: Eibon La Furies – 'The Blood Of The Realm' Album [Code666 / Aural Music] (Band portrait)
2010: Midnight Configuration – 'The Unquiet Void' Album [Nightbreed Records] (Live band portrait)
2014: Talanas – 'Asylum' EP [Eulogy Media] (Band portrait for promotional material)

2010: Tor Marrock – 'A Gothic Romance' (Additional footage and editing)


Zivity.co.uk – various sets.

Live photography – Dominion Magazine/Terrorizer Magazine, Intravenous Magazine.

Sanctuary Magazine – Vampire Issue Oct 2014 & Halloween Issue 2014.

Official Paint Shop Pro Photo Magazine (#7) [Moses Eats Cheese]

Event Photography – The Russians (www.orlik.org.uk), History at Murton III (Promotional Material + Official Event Photos), Skirmish Magazine (Adverts and Features).

Other – Leisure and Tourism (B2B Magazine November 2008)  

Imago Alchemae: Imago Mortis on Tumblr

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