Monday, 2 August 2010

DV8 Festival, Day 2

Ok everyone here is part 2 of the DV8 festival roundup. Sorry it has taken so long but it was a bit of a challenge getting this last lot of photos sorted due to an astonishingly annoying head cold that made staring at the computer screen to fine tune photographs nigh on impossible for a couple of days. Once again the full sets are available to view in the photostream and live music folder on my Flickr account:  

Luxury Stranger:

These guys didn't disappoint me. There has been a buzz about this band for a while and they are making a name for themselves on the live circuit by playing anywhere and everywhere they can. So it was great to finally catch them. Their energetic post-punk will be palatable for most and their energy on stage is infectious.

Screaming Banshee Aircrew:

This was Screaming Banshee Aircrew's final gig, and what a way to go out! (despite the early death of their violin) I've caught these guys a couple of times in the past, most notably at the Electric Ballroom supporting The Cruxshadows. Three years later they've thrown in the towel but thanks to this performance they won't be quickly forgotten.

Inkubus Sukkubus:

The Pagan-Goth-Rock legends need no introduction, do they? One of the most infamous names in the British Gothic scene they've honed their skills over the years and are as slick as it gets on the stage. Despite a little wobble towards the end of their set they had the audience eating out of their hands the whole time, and quite rightly proved why they are one of the best bands in the scene.

Wayne Hussey:
Now if I need to introduce Wayne Hussey to you I'd suspect you'd need to polish up on your music history. He may be getting on a bit but in his sharp suit and sunglasses Wayne Hussey is still the epitome of cool. Taking songs from accross his years with The Mission as well as a solo artist and announcing a 25th anniversary reunion tour for The Mission next year he left a lot of people very satisified.

Photographs and a quick round-up of day three of DV8 Festival will come a little later in the week, featuring: Flesh Eating Foundation, Zeitgeist Zero, Pretentious Moi?, Goteki, and Gene Loves Jezebel.
Hopefully I won't catch a headcold again in the meantime!


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