Friday, 2 July 2010

KMFDM + AlterRed + Deadfilmstar

Just a quick update today as I'm tired :)

I went to Wolverhampton to see KMFDM last night thanks to Gary from the band Deadfilmstar who sent me a free ticket (cheers mate) I took the camera along but due to my own ineptness I was only allowed to shoot Deadfilmstar's set as I forgot to check with the other bands first. If I'd had the presence of mind I would have caught the other bands while they were at the bar (d'oh). Nevermind, as I got some good pics of DFS's set anyway! (I'll post those soon).

Deadfilmstar were on form once again. Gary's sleazed-up-semi-alien-rockstar persona oozes stage presence, the band were tight and the music was fun and full of groove. But again as last time (at Slimelight) it was a short and sweet set lasting about five songs.

AlterRed were baffling, but in a good way. I'd bought a couple of their 'DUST' albums back when they were on Wasp Factory Records and had seen them prior to their change into AlterRed in 2007 and had really enjoyed them. I think that musically the band are still pretty damn good and they have great presence, but the 'Nightmares from your toybox' characters that joined them onstage were somewhat superfluous to proceedings. I can see what the logic is behind it but that area needs some work, though I'm sure the small stage didn't help.

KMFDM... What can you say? Tighter than a duck's arse and heavier than a really heavy thing. The band's veteran status is well deserved as they directed the crowd with a mere flick of their wrists. Sascha and Lucia's chemestry onstage is beyond fault, and the backing of Jules, Andy and Steve was spotless. I honestly can't think of anything wrong with that set. Of course 'Hau Rock', 'Meglomaniac', 'Drug Against War' 'World War III' and 'Godlike' were the highlights of the set, but it's nice to see that even with 26 years worth of material the band don't just do the bog-standard Greatest Hits. Instead they mix it up and seem as fresh as they always have.

The highlight of the night was probably the hour me and my friends spent with the guys in KMFDM after the gig across the road at The Planet. I think that 80% of the conversation was centred around the World Cup, which was surreal enough. But they were a charming and friendly bunch that were quite happy to have a laugh and a smoke with us despite the rain.

Guess who had to take the photo and hence didn't get in the photo :P


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