Sunday, 2 February 2014

Recent Works & Casting Call

A few recent shoots I've put together as collage sheets - by no means exhaustive but containing quite a few of my favourite shots over the past couple of years. See more on Flickr

For 2014 I want to completely focus this year on Black & White and Infra-Red images only.

Stylistically I want to go for Victorian and early 20th Century looks and themes. I want to incorporate historically accurate clothing/lingerie as well as occult themes (see the work of historical photographers such as: Man Ray, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Henry Fox Talbot. Or modern photographers e.g.: Kristmort, Sarachmet, MichaƂ Mozolewski, Ellen Rogers etc.)

I want to be able to collate my work over the next couple of years into material geared towards exhibition and a book (as such I'll need releases to be signed).

These shoots will be TF* only I'm afraid. I may be able to contribute to travel fees if they are reasonable. Please only apply if you feel you are suitable for the roles, agree to the conditions and will actually follow through with a booking. I do not mind working with new or established models but please be aware I am on a shoestring budget for the foreseeable future.

The casting is open to male models, female models and bands. Contact me on MMPurpleportFacebook or via this website. You can also see more examples of this kind of work on my Flickr page or the galleries on my official website. 

'Bah! Humbug' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Happy Halloween!' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Zebra' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Talanas Promo Shoot' - Model: Alivya V Free

'Ghost' - Model: Alivya V Free

'White Room' - Model: Alivya V Free

'Tease' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Soviet Burlesque' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Double Exposure' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Gothic Boudoir' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Summer Infra-Red' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Thornton Abbey In Infra-Red'

Scissor Doll
Alivya V Free


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