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Update 30/04/2013


'Memento Mori' - © Imago Mortis Photography 2013

As you can see, there have been some changes to the site. My old server added annoying adverts without telling me, and I got sick of the look of the old site. So now, following on from my webzine (http://www.intravenousmag.co.uk – go take a look!) I decided to integrate my Imago Mortis site into my Adversaria blog and merge the two into one.

There are still tweaks to be made here and there, and some pages still need to be uploaded, but overall I'm liking the new look.

I've also deleted some old profiles and created some new ones. Have a look in the LINKS section to visit... or if you're lazy, just look below:

So this year I've got a few shoots under my belt and there is talk of more. Which is always positive.

First of all I did a burlesque themed shoot with Scissor Doll. It was originally supposed to be a quick test shoot to try out some new lights I bought. Anyway we got into it and ended up with A LOT of photos.
First of all I shot some with Scissor Doll's natural short and spikey hair and edited the pictures in a way that, to me anyway, had a hint of the 1980s. For the second lot, Scissor Doll got her new black dropped wig and let her inner Dita Von Teese out. The results I think are some of the best pictures I've ever shot. I liked them so much I did an alternative edit of every shot. This time, rather than just opting for the low-key black and white look, I took my inspiration from ManRay and decided to give the pictures a semi-solarised look.

Basque1 Tease1 Tease Alt Edit 13

The second shoot of the year also turned into a three-parter. It was the first time I'd shot with my friend Alivya for a few years and it was well worth the wait. I bought some 1950's underwear for her especially for the occasion and I think Liv found them quite comfy.
First we shot some infra-red pictures in what was, in hindsight, inadequate lighting. I could have done with a fill flash or something really. But the final shots after editing came out rather spooky and cool. For the next lot of pictures we used the camera with no filter and went for a classic black and white look. Finally I got the phone out and got some low-fi shots to edit in Vignette and Pixlr. Again I'm really happy with all of the results.

Liv_Infrared9 Liv_Monochrome2 Liv_LoFi-Colour (4)
All the new sets are available to view in the gallery page in the MODELS slideshow, or you can visit my flickr page HERE.

All photographs © Imago Mortis Photography

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