Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Photo update

Well the first of 3 lots of photos for album artwork has been published. This is a band photo of the sublime Avant Garde Black Metalers Eibon La Furies in the album art for their debut on Code666 records 'The Blood of the Realm'. You can see the full selection of promo photos at

It may yet change but it seems as though sleazy goth rockers Deadfilmstar and Satanic Industrialists Midnight Configuration will be using photos in the artwork for their forthcoming albums that I took of them at the Nightbreed Records gig back in March at the Elektrowerkz in Islington, London.

Now it's time to post the second half of the shoot with Miss Cobweb. Last week the photos were more glam/geisha inspired, but this week they're along a more 80s punk/hair metal theme:

Full set:

A latex uniform shoot with Felix Liquer and a Fashion Shoot with Alivya V Free will be posted shortly.


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