Friday, 4 June 2010

Antique Occult Books

This is a transferred post from my previous wordpress blog published on: Oct 26, 2008.

Ok, so the post on Free Occult Ebooks has been somewhat popular according to the blog stats page, so here is another link. - Wierus Occult Antiques. Basically they catalogue and auction off genuine first editions/antique occult books from throughout antiquity.

Wierus was first created in France in the 90s as an association aimed at making an exhaustive bibliography of all known books and manuscripts related to the occult sciences / hermetism , and to have the rarest treatises scanned.They auction through ebay with most books selling for a couple of thousand euros.

If like me you are both poor, and a bibliophile with an interest in the occult, this site is great fantasy material. If you do have the kind of cash to buy these kind of things, and you are greatful for the link - feel free to send me something ;)


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