Sunday, 28 July 2013

Photo Update: July 2013


It's been a funny old year. Last year I made a decision to cut back on the amount of gigs I was photographing in order to save on the travel money I'd been forking out and instead focus on the field that I really want to be working in... i.e. surreal, infra-red and vintage styles.

Fast forward from the last shoot update which featured my partner Debz, AKA Scissor Doll's low-key vintage/burlesque shoot and Alivya V. Free's infra-red/monochrome shoot and I've scored my first, but hopefully not last, infra-red band shoot.

Once again featuring Liv we were joined by the sharply dressed London progressive death metal band Talanas, who to their credit took to posing for long exposures VERY quickly. The results, I think, are brilliant. Ethereal and spooky, the long exposure time let us play around with motion blur to get some ghostly effects.

I shot with Scissor Doll again for another infra-red and low-fi shoot, this time making use of a zebra print body stocking. We've been talking about this for over a year so it was exciting to finally do it. Despite the ominous looking sky we got some great spooky shoots that yielded some interesting mistakes and blurs as well.

As always you can see the full sets on my flickr page or in the models and band sections of my photography page here.

All photographs © Imago Mortis Photography


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