Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Top 10 Goth albums of 2010

In true democratic style over at the Dominion website we have voted on our top 20 Goth/Industrial albums of the year. However there were a few in my personal top 10 that didn't make the collective cut, so I thought I'd post them here as well.
To read Dominion's top 20 albums of 2010 head over to the True Cult Heavy Metal website.

1. Killing Joke - ‘Absolute Dissent’
Spinefarm Records
The masters return with a soundtrack for the modern world that combines genres and unites fans across the spectrum.

2. Android Lust - ‘The Human Animal’
Synthellec Music
Another innovative and complex blend of electro-industrial that explores the depths of the modern human psyche.

3. Rhombus - ‘Open The Sky’
Models Own Records
Rhombus’ latest album manages to hit the nail on the head for what a modern “Trad Goth” album should sound like. All the classic sounds are present but the band just make them their own.

4. Combichrist - ‘Making Monsters’
Out Of Line Records
This band just keep building momentum with every release and this album is no exception. Full of throbbing beats and grating synths, Combichrist once again show why they’re at the top of the industrial pile.

5. Merciful Nuns - ‘Lib. I’
Solar Lodge
“The only true successor to Garden of Delight”. Seth and cohorts revisit the ‘80s for inspiration for this traditional Gothic Rock project.

6. Midnight Configuration - ‘The Unquiet Void’
Nightbreed Recordings
Nottingham’s own “Satanic Industrialists” up their game once again for their latest, and possibly, best album.

7. Alien Sex Fiend - ‘Death Trip’
13th Moon Records
The first Fiend album in six years and still brimming with that irreverent batcave sound. Alien Sex Fiend once again cement their place as the Gothparents of electro-goth.

8. Aeon Sable - ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra’
A new project from the duo behind Deied and Melanculia. Dark, haunting darkwave and best of all it’s free!

9. Suicide Commando - ‘Implements of Hell’
Out Of Line Records
Hard-hitting gore-obsessed electro-industrial. An album crammed full of dance floor seducing tracks.

10. Method Cell - ‘Curse Of A Modern Age’
RebCo Records
Probably one of the best synthcore bands this country has ever produced. With their intelligent approach to writing dance floor-filling hits Method Cells’ debut is a shot of adrenaline for the industrial scene.


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