Friday, 4 June 2010

RIP Ronnie James Dio 1942 - 2010

This is a transferred post from my previous wordpress blog published on: May 17, 2010.

It has emerged that legendary Heavy Metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio has died as a result of his recent battle with stomach cancer. Dio, born Ronald James Padavona, was known for his work within such classic Heavy Metal bands as Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath / Heaven & Hell, and his own solo band Dio.

Dio's passing is a major blow for the world of Heavy Metal. Recently Dio had been collaborating with his former Black Sabbath band mates under the moniker Heaven & Hell - the result of which had been 2009's commercially and critically acclaimed 'The Devil You Know'. Dio's voice onstage was distinctive and powerful (despite receiving no vocal training) - his voice offstage was friendly and good humoured which has secured him a spot as one of Metal's most loved characters.

Prior to his fame as a Heavy Metal front man, Dio's career in music can be traced back to the late 1950's with bands such as The Vegas Kings (1957–1958), Ronnie & The Rumblers (1958), Ronnie and the Red Caps (1958–1961), and Ronnie Dio and the Prophets (1961–1967). But it was first as a member of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow where he first captured our ears, before solidifying his place as one of Metal's greats by steering the Ozzy Osbourne-less Black Sabbath back to success with the phenomenal album 'Heaven & Hell'. Dio's solo career was one of the most prolific in the genre. From his 1983 opus 'Holy Diver' to 2004's 'Master of the Moon' he and his band always seemed to be touring and delighting legions of Metalheads.

Then last November it was announced he was suffering from stomach cancer. There was very little news after that but things began to look bad when Heaven & Hell announced they were cancelling all their Summer dates. And yesterday it was announced the Ronnie James Dio had passed away.

Dio's legacy to music is simply astonishing and well be very difficult for anyone to ever match.

RIP Ronnie James Dio


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