Sunday, 6 June 2010

I'm here because I'm here

A not-so-veiled reference to the new Anathema album there in the title. I received 'We're here because we're here' in the post yesterday along with a lovely new t-shirt and I was blown away by the quality of the whole package. I can honestly say this album will be the soundtrack for my Summer this year. I'd recommend you head on over to your local independent record store and purchase a copy.

It's been a very tough week in all honesty. Last weekend my computer died, which has taken several days to fully rectify – this has left me quite behind on the editing of recent photo shoots, so please bare with me on those. In addition to this my 1 year old Schnauzer, Wolfgang was hit by a car after an ill-advised idea that running off would be a fun game. He's doing fine though. He luckily avoided breaking any bones or tearing any muscle. He did however scrape himself on the road pretty badly and needed stitches (which are annoying him). But all things considered he was very lucky to get off with that. Thank you to everyone that has sent him love and hugs, it's been very appreciated.

Anyway, on to technical stuff of a boring but non-the-less important nature.

I've deleted my old Wordpress account – which I have to admit to using only very infrequently, often updating it with nothing of any real interest to anyone. If you're viewing this on my actual blogger page ( then you'll obviously noted the very minimalist look with it's one column and stark layout. There is a reason behind this, and a good one at that. Come September I'll be launching a personal website at the address where I will be collating and archiving my journalistic work in a sort of e-portfolio/e-CV. This will include links to all my Metal Team UK and Reflections of Darkness reviews/interviews, archives of academic work, and original features that don't have a home to go to. Hopefully this will provide something interesting and interactive for people and potential employers to enjoy.

And then there is this blog. As you can see I've transferred some old articles over from the previous blog (by hand as the export xml file wouldn't download correctly) that were quite popular, in a view to continuing in the same vein (albeit more regularly than before). I will also be updating it with Imago Mortis news as well (new shoots etc.) – the Imago Mortis website will still operate as my design/photography portfolio.

The blog will be fully integrated into the body of the website via an “iframe”, hence the look being as such as to allow it to fit in the page effectively.

I think that's it for the technical mumbo-jumbo. I will be continually updating the blog prior to the launch of the website – posts are automatically going to my Facebook notes and Twitter account, so you can all see when I update.

For now though, here is a list of links and blogs for you to enjoy today :)


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