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Sunday 18 May 2014

It's quite a warm and sunny day outside. One that I could quite easily waste with a cold drink and my pipe. But instead I'm at the computer, gazing out of the window and typing up a long overdue update for you all.

I've only managed a couple of shoots so far this year. One each with my always reliable and eager models Scissor Doll and Alivya V Free. The results of which I'm very proud of. So proud in fact that I'm currently writing some verse to go with the pictures from my latest shoot with Alivya in order to put together a book, which I will probably self publish on Lulu and Amazon.

I'm quite excited by this prospect as it has been a while since I attempted any fiction or poetry despite holding a degree in creative writing.

Anyway here are a few examples from both shoots:

The Steampunk shoot along with some miscellaneous work is available to view on my flickr page. And there are more of the 'Oracle' pics as well as a couple of spooky black and white photos on facebook. However I'm only going to reveal a few until the book is finished. However there are also some 8mm style gifs from the oracle shoot in the works, so expect them to be available to see soon on my tumblr page.

You may have also seen another still life set called 'L'Absinthe C'est La Mort'. These will soon be available as prints/posters/cards on the red-bubble page.

In other news, it's sunny and warm... the perfect time for more infra-red photography. I'm looking to get a dedicated infra-red camera this year, so if you've been put off by the thought of long exposures and an element of the unknown, this solution should promise shorter exposures and crisper, more predictable photos. I'm still looking to arrange shoots with models and bands prior to this though, so if your'e interested, contact me through facebook, purpleport, model mayhem, or good old fashioned email.

That's all for now. Please continue to add my profiles and check out my casting calls.

Sunday 2 February 2014

A few recent shoots I've put together as collage sheets - by no means exhaustive but containing quite a few of my favourite shots over the past couple of years. See more on Flickr

For 2014 I want to completely focus this year on Black & White and Infra-Red images only.

Stylistically I want to go for Victorian and early 20th Century looks and themes. I want to incorporate historically accurate clothing/lingerie as well as occult themes (see the work of historical photographers such as: Man Ray, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Henry Fox Talbot. Or modern photographers e.g.: Kristmort, Sarachmet, MichaƂ Mozolewski, Ellen Rogers etc.)

I want to be able to collate my work over the next couple of years into material geared towards exhibition and a book (as such I'll need releases to be signed).

These shoots will be TF* only I'm afraid. I may be able to contribute to travel fees if they are reasonable. Please only apply if you feel you are suitable for the roles, agree to the conditions and will actually follow through with a booking. I do not mind working with new or established models but please be aware I am on a shoestring budget for the foreseeable future.

The casting is open to male models, female models and bands. Contact me on MMPurpleportFacebook or via this website. You can also see more examples of this kind of work on my Flickr page or the galleries on my official website. 

'Bah! Humbug' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Happy Halloween!' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Zebra' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Talanas Promo Shoot' - Model: Alivya V Free

'Ghost' - Model: Alivya V Free

'White Room' - Model: Alivya V Free

'Tease' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Soviet Burlesque' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Double Exposure' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Gothic Boudoir' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Summer Infra-Red' - Model: Scissor Doll

'Thornton Abbey In Infra-Red'

Scissor Doll
Alivya V Free

Sunday 27 October 2013

October 2013

This month marks the twelfth Bootleg Basement show, and to celebrate I thought I'd unleash one of my top five favourite bootlegs courtesy of Nine Inch Nails.

This recording was made in 1994 at the infamous Woodstock 94 festival –  that's the one with the rain and mud and not the rioting – and it is a superb outing from the band as part of their Self-Destruct tour. This has been bootlegged many times on CD, and also thanks to it being available to watch on pay-per-view, the performance is also easy to find on DVD.

That was the wonderful Nine Inch Nails I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. For the next couple of months I'll be taking a break from the basement, but don't worry I'll return in the new year with another 12 selections from my archive. But until then, I've been your host and this has been the bootleg basement.

Track List:
"Terrible Lie"
"March Of The Pigs"
"Something I Can Never Have"
"The Only Time"
"Down In It"
"Dead Souls"
"Help Me I Am In Hell"
"Happiness In Slavery"
"Head Like A Hole"

To listen to the show you can either visit my page on Mixcloud, or click the embedded player below.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

August, 2013

This month we have a nice and intimate gig for you courtesy of one of the greatest post-punk bands of the 80s and 90s, The Chameleons.

This recording was made in December 2001 at the Lomax in Liverpool, and is a nice audience recording that only suffers from a little muffling on Mark Burgess' vocals. It's a great archive performance by a band that is still with us in spirit thanks to Burgess' own tribute Chameleons Vox.   

Track List:

01. Intro
02. Shades
03. A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days
04. Pleasure And Pain
05. Dangerous Land
06. Anyone Alive
07. Indiana
08. Intrigue In Tangiers
09. Perfume Garden
10. Tears
11. Soul In Isolation
12. Miracles And Wonders
13. Truth Isn't Truth Anymore
14. Caution
15. Second Skin
16. Encore
17. Splitting In Two   

To listen to the show you can either visit my page on Mixcloud, or click the embedded player below.

Sunday 28 July 2013

It's been a funny old year. Last year I made a decision to cut back on the amount of gigs I was photographing in order to save on the travel money I'd been forking out and instead focus on the field that I really want to be working in... i.e. surreal, infra-red and vintage styles.

Fast forward from the last shoot update which featured my partner Debz, AKA Scissor Doll's low-key vintage/burlesque shoot and Alivya V. Free's infra-red/monochrome shoot and I've scored my first, but hopefully not last, infra-red band shoot.

Once again featuring Liv we were joined by the sharply dressed London progressive death metal band Talanas, who to their credit took to posing for long exposures VERY quickly. The results, I think, are brilliant. Ethereal and spooky, the long exposure time let us play around with motion blur to get some ghostly effects.

I shot with Scissor Doll again for another infra-red and low-fi shoot, this time making use of a zebra print body stocking. We've been talking about this for over a year so it was exciting to finally do it. Despite the ominous looking sky we got some great spooky shoots that yielded some interesting mistakes and blurs as well.

As always you can see the full sets on my flickr page or in the models and band sections of my photography page here.

All photographs © Imago Mortis Photography

July, 2013

This month we're still very much in the 80's as we'll be listening to an excellent bootleg from the Hacienda's house band, New Order.

Recorded at the former Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, California in June 1989, The bootleg is a quality soundboard recording from the band's tour in support of the 'Technique' album.

Mixing their new wave roots with the newer house influenced sounds, the recording shows off the band at their height.

Track List:

1. Ceremony
2. True Faith
3. Age Of Consent
4. Dream Attack
5. All The Way
6. Mr Disco
7. Your Silent Face
8. Vanishing Point
9. Round And Round
10. Temptation
11. Bizarre Love Triangle
12. The Perfect Kiss
13. All Day Long
14. Fine Time

To listen to the show you can either visit my page on Mixcloud, or click the embedded player below.

Saturday 22 June 2013

June, 2013

This month we'll be listening to a classic bootleg from Ministry although there is some conjecture as to when and where this recording was made.

It was either Orlando Florida in 1987 (as stated on the bootleg's cover), or Washington DC in '88. Personally I think Al Jourgensen mentioning playing in 'capital' when addressing the audience gives it away somewhat.

This is another crowd recording which suffers from a somewhat muffled sound and a disproportionate amount of audience noise. But it is a great show, especially with the addition of Skinny Puppy's Nivek Ogre for a few songs.

Track List:

1. Where you at now?
2. We Believe
3. You know what you are
4. Land of rape and honey
5. Flashback
6. The Missing
7. Deity
8. Smothered Hope
9. Golden Dawn
10. No Devotion

To listen to the show you can either visit my page on Mixcloud, or click the embedded player below.

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